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2011 Denis Mayer Jr. has been chosen by BC Wildlife Federation 2011 Artist of the Year for his painting entitled " Home Sweet Home". Mayer's painting was chosen from 33 entries submitted to the annual competition intented to raise the profile of resident BC artists whose work exemplifies the beauty of the fish, wildlife and habitat of British Columbia.
Fall 2010 Pauline Bradshaw is featured on Bravo's television series, 'Star Portraits' . Saturdays 8PM EST and Wednesdays 9:30 PM EST.

The Canadian series of Star Portraits brings us 13 half-hour shows introducing the Canadian audience to working artists and reintroducing them to some well-known Canadian personalities. As we watch the artists draw or paint their interpretation of the personalities, we learn a little more about both groups of people and the process of portraiture.

Sept. 10 - 12, 2010 David N. Kitler will be hosting a workshop in "Wildlife in Acrylics" Workshop Arts Desire in Vancouver, WA

While working on a wildlife subject of your choice, David will review drawing and painting basics, while teaching techniques that are specific to acrylics.  Learning is further facilitated by live demonstrations and slide shows.  The class is open to artists of all skill levels.

Sept. 15 - 28, 2010 David N. Kitler will be attending the Japan Wildlife Center (JWC) Wildlife Fine Art Exhibition - Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts
August 12 - 15, 2010 Melissa Schatzmann, Doug Comeau and Nigel Shaw will be exhibiting their realistiic drawings and paintings at the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival.
July/August 2010 David N. Kitler's articles on drawing technique is published in the Jul/Aug 2010 issue of The Artist's MagazineRead more >>
June 2010
Gabriel Krekk will be Juror for the NPC Photography Exhibition in Napanee, Ontario.
June 2010 David N. Kitler's instructional DVD on Acrylics technique is now available to pre-order.  Read More >>
January 2010

Denis Mayer Jr.'s panting, "So Close", is published in UK's Wildscape Magazine.  View Magazine >>


















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